Amend a Vital Record

Many Vital Records may be amended. All amendments require an affidavit or a court order. Once an amendment is made the record status changes from "registered" to "amended" and an Amendment History becomes part of the record as a second page. Court ordered amendments must have a certified copy of the order submitted with the request.

Birth Record Amendments

Any change that will be using an affidavit must be signed by the certificate holder and an immediate family member. If the certificate holder is under 18 the listed parents must sign, if only one parent is listed the 2nd witness can be an immediate family member of the parent.

If a child dies before a name has been entered on their birth certificate it may be added within the first year of the birth through the affidavit process. Any other posthumous amendments require a court order.

Amendments to a Delayed Birth Certificate require a court order.

Death Record Amendments

A completed Affidavit to Amend a Vital Record must be submitted to the state or local vital records office along with the required fees for registration. Two people (witnesses) having knowledge of the facts must complete and sign the affidavit. Signatures of both witnesses must be notarized. It is ideal if one of the witnesses on the affidavit is the informant. If the informant is not supporting the change you will need to contact the state Office of Vital Records.

Amendments to the medical items on the death record must be completed by the physician that certified the cause of death. Documentary evidence may be required at any time at the discretion of the Office of Vital Records and Statistics. If required documentation is unavailable or unacceptable, a court order may be required to make requested changes.

Birth Resulting in a Stillbirth Amendments

Stillbirth records can be amended up to one year after the date of delivery, any other changes require a court order.

Submit an Affidavit to Amend a Vital Record, a Birth Certificate Application, a copy of the requester’s ID, and a check or money order for the correct fees.

Affidavits must be signed by the listed parents. If only one parent is listed the second witness needs to be an immediate family member of a parent.

Marriage and Divorce Amendments

Any changes to a marriage record must be filed with the county clerk where the license was issued.

Any amendments to a divorce record must be filed with the district court where the decree was filed.

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