Order a vital record certificate

The Office of Vital Records and Statistics maintains records for births, stillbirths, deaths, marriages and divorces. Records for births, stillbirths, and deaths are available from 1905 to the present. Records for marriages and divorces are available from 1978 to 2010 . Visit the county clerk office where the marriage occurred for the years prior to 1978 or after 2010. Visit the district court where your divorce was finalized for the years prior to 1978 or after 2011 for copies of your divorce record.

Certificates can be requested by the person of record, an immediate family member, legal guardians, or a designated legal representative.

Birth records are public after 100 years. Death records are public after 50 years. Marriage and divorce records are public after 75 years. You can search some of the public records at Utah State Archives.

Order certificates for Early-term Stillbirths (gestation of 16-20 weeks).

Online Orders

You can order birth, death, marriage and divorce certificates online.

At this time we do not accept online orders for Stillbirth certificates.

If you need to make an amendment to a birth certificate due to an adoption, your request can be made online if you have received a letter from our office, please follow the prompts for adoptive parents.

In-Person Orders

In person orders can be placed at most Utah Local Health Departments. All requests require a complete application, correct fees and valid identification. Local Health Departments provide copies of applications if you are unable to print one.

Orders by Mail

All requests require a completed application (Click the Forms Link below to find and download the proper application), correct fees, and valid identification. Please allow at least 3 weeks for processing and mailing. If you are unable to print an application, you can write a letter that includes: type of record, name of person on the record, date of event, place of event, name of parents – maiden names if applicable, your relationship to the person of record, reason for the request, and your signature.

Mailing Address:
Vital Records
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