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Vital Records


The Office of Vital Records and Statistics maintains records for births, stillbirths, deaths, marriages and divorces that occurred in the State of Utah. Our office has birth, death and stillbirth records from 1905 to present, and marriage and divorce records from 1978-2010.

Requests can be made online, in person or through the mail.

If you need to make an amendment to a birth certificate due to an adoption or a court order paternity, your request cannot be made online. Information about amending birth certificates for these reasons is available on the Adoption page.

Birth Records

The birth registration team is responsible for registering all birth events filed by hospitals, midwives, or other individuals who may deliver a child in Utah. We assign a date of registration for each live birth, fetal death or early-term stillbirth certificate, and any supporting documentation that is needed to register the birth certificate, such as voluntary declarations of paternity as needed.

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The adoption registration team registers adoption, court order paternity, and legitimation requests and administers the Utah Mutual Consent Voluntary Adoption Registry and the Utah Putative Father Registry (Notice of Commencement of Paternity Proceedings). For assistance, contact us at or 801-538-6363.

Death Records

Find Death Records

The Office of Vital Records and Statistics has records for deaths that occurred in the State of Utah from 1905 to present. Utah State Archives death records become public after 50 years of the death event.

Persons entitled to obtain a certified copy of a death record must demonstrate a “direct, tangible, and legitimate interest.” Utah Code Section 26-2-22(2) states “A direct, tangible, and legitimate interest is present only if the applicant is a member of the deceased person’s immediate family; the guardian of the deceased; or a designated legal representative.”

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